Welcome to our Objectives page. Here, we outline the key goals and objectives that guide our organization. These objectives reflect our mission and vision, serving as a roadmap for our actions and initiatives.


  • Transform rural communities in Africa

    To transform rural communities in Afrika by assisting and training rural farmers in modern farming techniques to produce cash crops.

  • Obtain literacy materials

    Partner with private donors and religious organizations to obtain literacy materials for economically disadvantage people and help them gain skills for entrepreneurship and employment.

  • Outreach programs

    Create Outreach programs for Afrikan communities in respect to social, economic & spiritual aspects.

  • Rural communities in Afrika

    Provide clean water to rural communities in Afrika through facilitating hand-dug water wells.

  • Renewable energy

    Create renewable energy initiatives and healthy eco systems that will allow families in Afrika to be more self-sufficient.

  • Agricultural campaigns

    Promote innovative renewable resources initiatives and agricultural campaigns.

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