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Sheri Taal is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) who is currently practicing in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. She is actively involved in developing national and global campaigns that will empower people and bring aid to communities worldwide. Through her non-profit organization Peace on earth Ministries, Inc. she is creating reliable systems of care, increasing access to technology, renewable energy, and education on the African continent.

Ms. Taal is a freelance writer and she is currently working on the screenplay for her new novel, The African Bodyguard. She enjoys traveling around Africa, the continent she loves.

Ms. Taal has been an Adult Educator since 2004 after opening a medical training center that was known as Corridor health Education Center in Richardson, Texas. Jamaican born Sheri Tomlin is a mental health practitioner and author of the new novel, “The African Bodyguard. She currently resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.

Ms. Taal has taught nurse aide, medication aide, and phlebotomy courses over the years. Many of her students were Asian or refuges from African who were brought to the United States by the organization, Catholic Charities. During the 1990’s Ms. Tomlin was deployed to Somalia with the United Stated Army for a humanitarian mission there. She worked as an Army nurse treating soldiers and she would privately treated Somalians whenever possible.

While in East Africa, she was able to visit Kenya and her journey would continue to Egypt in North Africa.

Ms. Taal recently visited Senegal in West Africa and as a result of her fascination with the African continent that she loves, she volunteers and serve socio-economically disadvantaged people in Africa through her own non-profit organization. Today, Ms. Taal is actively involved in developing global campaigns and creating trade markets that will empower people on the African continent and she supports efforts to link Africans to those in the African diaspora. Through her non-profit organization, Peace on Earth Ministries, Inc. she is working to increase technological access, renewable energy and childhood education in Africa. Ms. Taal is also a freelance writer and she is currently working on the screenplay for her new novel that is available on amazon.com, “The African Bodyguard”.
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